Food additive raw material sweetener D-xylose xylose

Charcter of Xylose1.Product Name: Xylitol2.CAS NO: 87-99-03.Purity:BP/USP4.Appearance: White crystal or crystalline powder5.HS Code: 29054910006.Application:Sweetners.7.Shelf life:2 Years8. molecular formula:C5H10O59. molecular weight:150.13 Xylose, commonly called wood sugar, is a natural 5-carbon sugar(pentose) obtai

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Food Additives Raw Material Sweetener D-Xylose Xylose

Charcter of Xylose

1.Product Name: Xylitol
2.CAS NO: 87-99-0
4.Appearance: White crystal or crystalline powder
5.HS Code: 2905491000
7.Shelf life:2 Years
8. molecular formula:C5H10O5
9. molecular weight:150.13
Xylose, commonly called wood sugar, is a natural 5-carbon sugar(pentose) obtained from the xylan rich portion of hemicellulose from plant cell walls and fibre. It 's White crystal or powder, soluble in water.
xylose promotes the growth of human intestinal twin-bacilli and improves human microorganism environment and immunity. 
xylose is used in the flavour and pet food industries, in the production of savoury flavours, as it is highly effective at inducing Maillard reactions.
xylose is mainly used to produce xylitol and is applied widely in food processing and medical industries.
1) xylose mainly by restoring hydrogenation manufacturing xylitol, its application more widely.
2) xylose as no-calorie sweetener in food, beverage, applicable to obesity and diabetes.
3) xylose in developed countries has been applied in pet food.
4) xylose as baked products.
5) xylose is used as the upscale soy sauce color.
6) in light industry, chemical industry also has a certain purpose.
Food Additives Raw Material Sweetener D-Xylose Xylose

Food Additives Raw Material Sweetener D-Xylose Xylose
Specification (USP)
White crystalline powder
Assay(C5H10O5), %(on dried basis)
Loss on drying,%
Residue on ignition,%
Specific rotation,
+18.2°~ +19.4°
Free acid,%
Heavy metals,%
Arsenic (as As),%
Sulfate (as SO4),%
Chloride (as Cl),%

Food Additives Raw Material Sweetener D-Xylose Xylose
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Food Additives Raw Material Sweetener D-Xylose Xylose
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